Sound On is SOLD OUT! What happens if you’ve missed out?

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Thanks to all our awesome fans, Sound On is now sold out! If you’ve missed out on a ticket, or can’t make it anymore, here’s everything you need to know about buying or selling a ticket to Sound On.

Will you be releasing any more tickets?

We wish we could let everyone come to Sound On, but there are strict limits on the number of tickets we can sell because of the amount of people we are allowed inside the venue.

If the capacity limit changes or we have more tickets to sell, we will be sure to let people know. The best way to keep updated is to subscribe to our emails – just click ‘Subscribe’ at the top of our website.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Where can I buy a ticket to Sound On?

The internet can be a mysterious place and it’s not always clear who you’re buying from. We recommend checking out Ticketek Marketplace to suss out the people who are selling a legitimate ticket to Sound On.

All sales through Ticketek Marketplace mean the ticket being purchased has stayed in the Ticketek system, and you can receive support from Ticketek themselves when you are purchasing via their website.

Can I sell my Sound On ticket?

If you’ve bought a ticket to Sound On but can no longer make it, you can sell it on Ticketek Marketplace. All you have to do is sign up online and complete the process to sell your ticket.

We don’t recommend trying to sell your ticket on Facebook, Gumtree, Viagogo, Ticketmaster Resale or anywhere else other than Ticketek Marketplace.

If you’re on the lookout for a ticket, check out Ticketek Marketplace.

If you were lucky enough to score a ticket in time, check out blog about what to bring to Sound On, and everything else you need to know.

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