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Soundon Festival

Things to tell your parents about Sound On Festival

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So, you’ve seen the line-up for Sound On and you’re counting down the days already. But what can you do if your parents aren’t so sure about it? Here are 5 things you can tell your parents about Sound On to make them feel more comfortable:

1. It’s run by a university

Sound On Festival is an event run by Murdoch University, and while unis are usually attended by students who aren’t in high school, Murdoch is actually involved with high school students all the time. Murdoch conduct things like school visits, exhibitions, and open days with heaps of students, so they know the importance of creating a safe and enjoyable experience for students of all ages and take their duty of care very seriously.

While the event isn’t focused on education, there will be advice given by the Sound On Artists about how to create the life you want, and set yourself up for success in adulthood. You’ll hear their personal strategies for dealing with life, school and work, and have the opportunities to share your own personal goals on our interactive dream wall.

2. There is a mental health and mindfulness theme at the festival

Free thinking is Murdoch’s  whole reason for being, which is why we believe in prioritising mental health and giving students the tools to maintain a healthy mind.

Our event partner, Indigo Project, are a mental health organisation who take a creative and down-to-earth approach about mental health. They’ll be running a unique mindfulness experience, Future Beats, which uses the power of sound, mindfulness and music therapy to guide you through an immersive music experience which will help you tune out stress and anxiety and tune into where you want to go in life.

Get to know Indigo Project and their approach to mental health with their advice on how to get through high school.

3. The Red Frogs will be there

You might not have heard about the Red Frogs, but your parents probably have. They’re an organisation who have been around since 1997 dedicated to keeping young people safe and having a good time.

Red Frogs are pros at helping keep underage events drug and alcohol free, and safe for everyone. They have been involved with Murdoch Uni’s Open Days and other uni events, as well as attending leavers week and a bunch of other music festivals and sports events each year.

You’ll see them on the day hanging out in all areas making sure everyone’s having a good time. They’ll be looking out over the standing area on the day handing out water to anyone who needs it after dancing up a sweat.

Most importantly, they’re super friendly – and they give Allen’s red frog lollies out to the people they meet. So go and say hi when you come across them on the day!

4. RAC Arena is a secure venue

Sound On Festival is at RAC Arena in Perth. Your parents will be happy to know RAC Arena is a totally secure venue, with security staff throughout. Patrons are subjected to bag checks and under no circumstances are allowed to bring in any prohibited items which include alcohol, bottles, dangerous objects, or large bags.

There are no pass-outs at Sound On Festival, so you won’t be able to come to the festival, leave and then come back later. There are pick up and drop off bays at the corner of Wellington and Milligan street, 60 metres from the front of the venue, so you won’t have to walk through the city to find a place for your parents to drop you or pick you up.

5. There’s a strict age limit and it’s drug and alcohol free

Sound On is run only for high school students between Years 7-12. There will be ID checks at all entrances to make sure no people outside this age range will have access to the venue. This means the people you see at Sound On are the same sort of people you could see at your school canteen!

And like your school canteen, Sound On is strictly drug and alcohol free. There will be bag checks at entrances, and any patrons who are found to be intoxicated or in possession of drugs or alcohol will be refused entry or evicted from the venue.

If your parents have any questions or concerns about Sound On Festival, let them know they can contact us at

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