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What to wear to Sound On

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Music festivals are the perfect way to showcase your individual sense of style. You can experiment with bold prints, bright colours and heaps of glitter. Or if out-there isn’t your style, you can go for a look that’s more practical and comfortable. But no matter what your style is, we recommend wearing something that you’ll be comfortable in all day. Here are a few trends to help to create a killer outfit for the day.

Flared pants

Flared pants are a staple piece you can pair with anything to make your outfit pop. Not only can you boogie until you heart is content, but you can do it in absolute comfort. Remember, Sound On is eight hours long, so making sure your outfit won’t restrict you from partying all day is key. Pair your flares with a cute crop top or bodysuit that’s not too OTT as your flares are the main attraction with this look.

Style and comfort

Skate wear has recently been blowing up. It’s all about loose fitting clothing such as hoodies, wide-leg chinos and long-cut shorts. Pair a graphic tee with some cargo shorts and sneakers such as vans or converse for a chill, surfy look. The most important thing about achieving the skater aesthetic is all about your attitude with which you wear the pieces.

Another relaxed look you can rock is a hoodie with some jeans and sneakers of your choice. This look is achievable, yet trendy. If you’re looking for a more unique style try layering a colourful, printed unbuttoned top over a plain shirt with some chino pants.

Statement hats and accessories

You can’t go wrong with adding a hat to your outfit – it’s the perfect piece to complete your festival look. Try a Baker Boy-style hat with some overalls and boots, or a cowboy hat paired with a maxi dress or skirt. You could even wear a fluffy bucket hat with a crop top and skirt. Although sun protection won’t be an issue on the day, adding a hat to your outfit will make you feel instantly cooler!

Mini bags

Remember your bag must be smaller than an A4 piece of paper to enter RAC Arena. Luckily that’s not an issue with miniature bags being the latest trend that can pull any outfit together. Why not try pairing a bum bag with some bike shorts and an oversized band tee for an instantly fun look? Small backpacks are also a great look – pair one with a matching set and sneakers and you’ll be super comfy all day.


Non-stop dancing can leave you feeling hot and sweaty. Long hair can get in the way so keeping it up and off your face is a great idea. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your hair back, pop by the Sound On glitter bar and hair braiding stations where you can get your hair styled for free. You can also spice up your hair by adding clips, putting your hair in pig tails or space buns, or adding extensions. Or why not go all out and add some temporary hair dye with some bold colours?

Need more inspo?

Try experimenting with mesh tops, matching sets, and anything with sequins! Denim shorts, lots of glitter, jewellery, mini dresses and boots are also great add-ons. Sound On is all about being yourself and celebrating your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to wear wack and unique pieces that showcase your personality.

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